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IP Locator

Melissa's IP Locator adds comprehensive geolocation to the IP address of your web visitors including country, region, city, latitude and longitude, ZIP Code™, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and domain name. Knowing where your website visitors are coming from, along with detailed location information, helps improve website performance by better targeting marketing campaigns, increasing the relevancy and conversions for landing pages, and preventing fraud.

  • Redirect web pages based on visitor’s location to display native language and currency for increased ROI
  • Detect and prevent fraud, abuse of service, and password sharing with spam filtration by location
  • Geotarget and analyze traffic for enhanced sales, click-through, and digital rights management (DRM)

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How It Works

IP Locator returns the country, region, city, latitude and longitude, postal code, connection speed, ISP and domain name using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology. Our data is updated weekly and provides a comprehensive set of global IPv4 addresses and proxy data covering over 99% of the entire Internet. Using 20 unique lookup technical, IP Locator determines the physical location of any IP address in real-time for single records, or multiple records in batch.

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How to Use IP Locator to Prevent Fraud, Password Sharing, and Abuse of Service

Your customer’s billing information says he’s Clark Kent, who lives in Smallville in the United States. But, he wants to purchase $100,000 worth of electronics on your website from an IP address located in the Ukraine. Should you fulfill his order or flag it for further investigation as potential fraud? Hey, Superman can order whatever he wants!

That’s where IP Locator comes in.

IP Locator reveals the geolocation data of your customers. You can take that data and see if it matches their billing and contact information in your databases. For example, IP Locator can be used to determine the location of the shopper is in the Ukraine, but the billing address is in Dallas, Texas – this could signal a fraudulent transaction. Armed with this information, you can decide to block entire locations if necessary.

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How to use IP Locator to Improve User Experience

If your company has a worldwide presence, you may need to serve multiple international pages, each one with currency and language specific to the country of origin. You wouldn’t want your U.S. customers to land on a German language page, for example—unless they spoke the language, they’d be confused and likely abandon their purchase.

That’s where IP Locator comes in.

By knowing where your customers are, IP Locator helps provide an improved global experience where you can route visitors to the best version of your website, in a language that literally speaks to each customer. It also allows for currency matching for specific IPs or locations.

How to Use IP Locator for Geotargeting

Ever wonder how Google knows where you are when you run a search and shows you relevant local ads in your results? IP Geolocation—that’s how! With IP Locator, you can harness this application as well.

IP Locator can help you power local search, as well as run geotargeted advertising campaigns by finding the visitor’s IP address to determine their location. From there, the IP is matched and mapped to its country, state, and postal code so your website can show search results and tailor ads to a visitor’s location. By reaching customers locally, you can deliver the most relevant results to each individual. Target to specific locations or languages, or ensure that customers closest to your physical stores get personalized ads delivered to their mobile phones.

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How to Use IP Locator for Segmentation

You can also use IP geolocation to segment mailing lists based on where prospects or current clients live, work, or shop. When your customers open emails or browse your website, their IP address is stored in a database that you can access to see where they are physically. IP address data can tell you the country, state, and even postal code. From there, you just look at the data, and use this information to create location segments based on engagement, interest, or proximity.

With IP Locator, you can take your omnichannel marketing to the next level.

How to Use IP Locator for Proxy IP Flagging

IP Locator includes Proxy IP flagging that leverages unique proxy analysis techniques to sift and sort through Proxy lists to see if they exhibit proxy-specific behaviors like requiring Login credentials. The proxy data is updated weekly and can be used to determine services that change location to beat DRM, as well as TOR points, temporary proxies.

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