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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is the low-cost way to quickly and effectively reach customers and prospects anytime, anywhere. Our Email Marketing services provide email blast design consultation, robust blast technology, and advanced reporting to ensure your marketing initiatives are a success.

  • Target local prospects to match your offers to individuals within your area
  • Segment your email to better align with direct mail campaigns
  • Test subject lines to increase open rates and boost engagement


Our comprehensive database of nationwide consumer email addresses and unique geographic targeting means you can select from thousands of fresh, local prospects, as well as by age, income, gender and/or home value. Business emails are also available.


We’ll send your email, track it, and provide you with contact information on the readers who clicked the links in your message.


We’ll help you see what clicks with your readers! We’ll analyze and test your subject lines to produce the best open rates and provide reports on who opened your email and what links they clicked on. We also track and provide you with contact information in real-time.

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