Melissa Address Table (MAT)

Get accurate and detailed information on every address in the U.S., Canada, many other countries

Melissa Address Table (MAT)

The Melissa Address Table (MAT) contains accurate and detailed information on every address including non post office addresses (i.e. physical address that the Post Office does not deliver to). In addition to street addresses (including apartment/suite numbers), MAT also provides geographic information like rooftop latitude-longitude coordinates, census tract/block number, and county name with FIPS code – ideal for analytics, mapping, risk management and logistics applications.

The Melissa Address Table (MAT) U.S. offers:

  • 150+ million US addresses including PO Boxes, Apartments and Suites
  • Customize selections by ZIP Code, City, Town, County, State, Postal Code, Voting District or any shape-based search
  • Latitude-longitude coordinates for any U.S. including census data and address type (residence or business)
  • Quarterly updates with adds, deletions and changes

Get Melissa Address Table in The U.S Now

The Melissa Address Table (MAT) Canada offers:

  • 14+ million active Canada records including PO Boxes, Apartments and Suites, and GeoPoints
  • Customize selections by City, Province, State, Postal Code, any shape-based search
  • Latitude-longitude coordinates for Canada address including census data and address type (residence or business)
  • Quarterly updates with adds, deletions and changes

The Melissa Address Table (MAT) Great Britian (Coming Soon...)

The Melissa Address Table (MAT) Italy (Coming Soon...)

The “Key” Makes MAT Unique

Each U.S. and Canadian address is assigned a Melissa Address Key (MAK), which is a 10-digit number that never changes. Much like a barcode or ISBN, this address key identifies a discrete physical address and aligns a multitude of additional information associated with the address. When you purchase MAT, you have all of the valid addresses within a given area – and no matter how the addresses change, or if new addresses become available, you know exactly what the changes are.

How to Use MAT

MAT is a boon to the first responder community – imaging a complete database of all residential and business addresses that is up-to-date easily accessible by fire departments or 911 emergency call centers to quickly identify an address and ensure help reaches the correct location immediately.

Additional uses of MAT include optimizing route planning and resource allocation, enriching data for analytics, utilities management (water/gas/waste), and risk assessment. If you are looking for a resource like MAT geared toward targeted marketing, click here to view our catalog of consumer and business direct mailing lists.

You can select the search parameters to fit your needs. For instance, get all the addresses associated with a congressional district, ZIP Code, group of ZIP Codes, City, County, State or any shape-based search.

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Melissa Address Table (MAT)


Melissa Address Table (MAT)

Price per 1000 records processed

Up to 1 Million starting at $9.00

Add geocode info (lat/long coordinate) for 10% more.

Ask about monthly and quarterly updates.

All pricing is subject to change without notice and is in U.S. dollars. Please contact our nearest sales office for pricing.

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