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Boost Your Data and Watch Your Campaigns Skyrocket

Could your marketing campaigns use a little boost? With stale, outdated, inaccurate customer contact data, marketers can miss the mark on communication opportunities, effective outreach and reengaging lost customers. It’s time to unlock the full potential of your data! Melissa Direct was designed for marketers with this goal – to empower better marketing through better data. We offer services that clean, append and enrich value back into your data – liberating you from the effects of bad data and positioning your campaigns for the ultimate lift-off.

Fresh Lists and Leads

Foster lead generation with fresh, new consumer and business contacts. Choose from hundreds of selects to customize your list and target the right prospects for your business. We offer a 95% Deliverability Guarantee just for your peace of mind.

Data Append Services

Enhance omnichannel and multi-touch marketing efforts by filling in contact gaps with phone numbers and email addresses. Personalize your messages with valuable information like property details, social media handles, demographic data like marital status and household income, and business firmographic data. Watch your engagement soar!

List Hygiene Services

Ensure your data is always reliable and trustworthy with our list hygiene services. Work with us to clean, update and deduplicate your data. Reengage customers who have been lost due to changing lifestyle circumstances with move updates, suppression lists, and address verification.

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