ACS (Address Change Service) - ASE (Ancillary Service Endorsements)
ACS (Address Change Service) Is one of the four Address Change Services (ACS) options available and allows mailers to receive electronic address corrections.

OneCode ACS is one of the four Address Change Services (ACS) options available and allows mailers to receive electronic address corrections using the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) on First Class, Marketing Mail, and Periodical Flat or Letter mailings.

The Intelligent Mail barcode contains the following information:

  • Presort information (flats only)
  • Service Type Identifier that requests specific services like ACS and/or Informed Visibility (IV)
  • Mailer ID that identifies the mail owner or mail service provider
  • Serial or sequence number that uniquely identifies the mailpiece or the addressee
  • Routing information that provides the ZIP Code and delivery point validation that allows the mail to be sorted directly to the address

What are the Benefits of OneCode ACS?

  • Less resources are required to identify the mailer/mailer’s choice of services, and to provide feedback to the mailer regarding the disposition of the mailpiece
  • More attractive pricing
  • Barcode data increases accuracy and efficiency
  • A single numeric Mailer ID is used for all classes of mail for more flexibility in the ancillary services requested

In the USPS example below, you can see how the Intelligent Mail barcode simplifies the address block, freeing up space for a cleaner-looking mailpiece:

Example of OneCode ACS Mailpiece

OneCode ACS Mailpiece

Full-Service ACS and OneCode ACS® data is generated when the USPS processes Undeliverable- As-Addressed (UAA) mail. Although both services return the same information, there are three main differences between the two:

  • Pricing (there is no fee with Full-Service ACS)
  • Record format and layout. Only Full-Service ACS reports include information unique to the Full-Service mailing.
  • Fulfillment method

Why Melissa?

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