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Maximize your postal discounts! Presort is your key to unlocking savings for bulk mailings—up to 50%. With Presort, you have the ability to design a custom presort program to complement your current system and the needs of your business. Our Presort solution sorts any mailing list that has been processed with a current CASS Certified™ engine for ZIP + 4® codes. That’s why we recommend getting your list CASS™ processed for more efficient presorting. Gain greater speed and efficiency while saving on postage.

  • Qualify mailings for maximum postal discounts to save your business money
  • Greater efficiency in mailing improves delivery speed and promotes customer satisfaction
  • Full Service IM® barcode compliant means no TEM testing Test Environment for Mailers
Presort Mailing

Ways to Use our Address Verification Service

API Integration 

Full Service Intelligent Mail® Compliant

Presort is a multiplatform API and has been verified by the USPS® for Full Service Intelligent Mail compliancy and leverages Mail.dat® technology. Melissa can provide users with the required Mail.dat User License Code at absolutely no cost.

The Benefits of Full Service:

  • Tracking and monitoring service using Barcode scan data
  • Elimination of permit fees and waiver of the annual mailing fee
  • Mail Anywhere – this allows mailers to use the same permit at any mailing location
  • Free Address Change Service of Full-Service compliant pieces, and more

Automate Your Mailroom with Presort Object

Presort empowers you to customize your program by presorting groups of mail pieces by ZIP Code™ and combining all pieces going to the same destination into one bundle. Sort to specific areas and then work your way up to general locations. Presorting your mailing decreases the labor needed from the USPS® - passing the savings to your business in the form of lower postage rates.

Automate Your Mailroom with Melissa's Presort Object.
Take care of front-end presorting and arranging with Melissa's PAVE Gold Certified Presorting.

PAVE™ Gold Certified Presorting

Presort is PAVE™ Gold certified by the USPS® for First-Class™, USPS Marketing Mail® (Standard Mail®) and Nonprofit for: letters; cards; flats; etc; automation, non-automation, non-machinable, Standard Carrier Route, and destination discounts for SCF, NDC, and DDU.

Presort takes care of front-end presorting--arranging your mailing list according to class, weight, size, and quantity based on ZIP™ and ZIP + 4. When sorting requirements are entered, Presort will consider which pieces qualify and sort the list accordingly. Presort includes sample source code, generates all reports and edocs, and is updated bimonthly.

  1. Integrate Presort with cus`tom mailing applications
  2. Process your list
  3. Save & export your file and print your IM barcode labels in presorted order
  4. Print IMB tray tags
  5. Submit your edocs via Mail.dat & PostalOne®

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