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Donor Mailing Lists

Reach individuals who regularly make donations to all types of charities from political campaigns to humanitarian and religious causes. The file includes more than 393 million households nationwide who have contributed to causes such as wildlife charities, cultural causes, children’s charities, education charities, environmental causes, and more. The file has fully customizable selects for demographics, purchasing and lifestyle, so you can target your list for the best response and ROI.

Melissa's Mailing Lists - Donor Selects
Melissa's Mailing Lists - Mailing List Selects

Donor Mailing List Selects

  • Age
  • Child’s Age
  • Community Involvement (Art/Cultural/Political)
  • Congressional District
  • Date of Birth
  • Demographics
  • Dwelling Size/Type
  • Ethnic/Ethnicity
  • Foreign/International
  • Gender/Sex
  • Gender/Sex of Child
  • Geography
  • Green Living
  • Head of Household
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Home Value
  • Household Income
  • Income Range
  • Length of Residence
  • Lifestyle
  • Mail Order Donor
  • Mail Responder
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Number of Children
  • Phone Number
  • Presence of Child
  • Religion
  • SCF
  • State
  • Voter/Party Affiliation
  • Working Woman
  • ZIP® Code
  • Email
  • Social Media Handles

See Why Melissa is the source for Donor leads and mailing lists:

  • We National Change of Address (NCOA) process our mailing lists every 4 weeks so you can reach your audience at their most recent, accurate address.
  • Our mailing lists are CASS™ processed for the greatest accuracy.
  • We offer a 95% Deliverability Guarantee because your satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • Our Lowest Price Guarantee means you only need one source for all your list needs.
  • We offer over 393 million household demographic and lifestyle selects to help you target the ideal audience.
Melissa's Mailing Lists - Auto Owner Selects

Specialty Mailing Lists

We have hundreds of specialty mailing lists to help you get the perfect sales leads for your products and services. Here are some of our most popular.
If you don’t see what you need, give us a call at 1-800-800-MAIL opt. 2 for assistance.

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